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Couples trouble signs | Legalbears Blog Forum

Couples trouble signs

Posted on: August 31, 2009 by: admin
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All’s fair in love and war. What can that saying really be saying?Are they implying there may be something similar between the two? Now it isn’t for sure that that is what they were trying to say, but there sure are a lot of things that are the same.

The similarities between the two I think are when that love becomes war.There could still be love for the two of them, but they are usually in a battle like it is a war.  I have seen this first hand doing couples therapy San Diego.A couple that once used to be loving now are constantly in battle.It is my objective to help bring peace between the two people.And to bring back that once great love between the two.

So what are the signs of trouble?  One of the biggest warning signs is communication.Or should I put it this way, no communication.  For any relationship, communication is key.Since it is crucial, if you as a couple are able to know that there is less communication, that is a sign.  It is a warning sign of trouble.  Whether I am doing couples counseling or  marriage counseling in San Diego I see it all the time.Because in essence if the couple is not able to communicate, any little problem can turn into a big problem.Being able to properly communicate in a relationship helps to stop that.

So as a family counselor San Diego one of the biggest things I do is try to teach the couple how to communicate.One of the biggest secrets to effective communicating is being able to listen.Most people when they think of communicating think it is about talking.  But really if you don’t listen well, you don’t really understand each other.So by teaching the couple how to listen more effectively, the communication between them will improve greatly.

By being able to spot this sign, a couple will be able to better know that trouble may be starting.Now if the couple can spot this problem early in their relationship, they might be able to avoid some serious problems. From what I have seen probably the best method of solving issues is to not have them in a relationship.  But if not recognized early, best way to solve them is to learn how to communicate.Sounds basic but what it can do is have a major role in the problem.

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