In Law, is Everything Divisible by Two?

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Unites States Supreme Court.
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In this message on my Tips & Tricks for Court group, in reply to someone explaining how to use the UCC and bills of exchange to obtain our freedom Dr. Ed Rivera said:

“Vince, everything is divisible by two…”

In response to this I wrote, “I was just thinking about this today and yesterday. The government, and the paycheck anticipators that work there, like the fact that law is all about words. The Internal Revenue Service for example has been told straight up several times by the Supreme Court that income is not everything that comes in. Federal Congress knows that income is not everything that comes in. However, they both still treat everyone as if income is everything that comes in [Looking back at this writing, when they have their fingers in a trillion dollar cookie jar why would they draw any other conclusion? It’s sort of, ‘These words mean what we say they mean and here are our guns as proof." (Thanks Marc Stephens for the thought!)] In order for us to find someone with authority that agrees with us that income is not everything that comes in we are going to have work our way through three levels of courts and several levels of administrative hearings and appeals, relying the whole time upon our understanding of what words mean in both the statutes and the rules and hoping the entire time that we will find someone in the government camp that agrees with us as to what all of those words mean; or, at a minimum will treat us fairly as to what the meaning of the words are. [Usually, the judge or judges that agreed with us are dead and wrote their opinions when there was not a trillion dollar cookie jar hanging in the balance.] The reality is that unless the people involved in the process agree with government interpretation of what the words mean, they cannot work there! If they let someone work there that doesn’t tow the official government line as to the meaning of the words, they would be opposing their very employer…How “is” is defined is determined by the parties to the controversies motivation. The man/woman that files the UCC paperwork asserts that it means that they are free; the judge who reads it rules that it is meaningless and that it had no effect on your status. In James 4:12 it is written, “One only is the Lawgiver and Judge Who is able to save and to destroy [the One Who has the absolute power of life and death].”

I discuss the way out of the trap in this blog post, this blog post, and this blog category in general.

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